Bury the Bourbon

Bury the Bourbon

For Perfect Weather

The possibility of rain on your big day is enough to cause any couple to take a few extra measures in hopes that the sun will shine brightly when it is time to walk down the aisle. Therefore, Sapphire Creek Winery takes a little southern inspiration for its couples to help ward off the ominous possibility of rain on your wedding day.

Burying the bourbon is a tradition that, if done correctly, is supposed to ward off rain the day of the wedding. Those who swear by this Southern myth state that the couple-to-be must visit their venue exactly a month before the wedding date and bury a full bottle of bourbon upside down. Yes, it has to be full and it has to be upside down. The size or origin of the bourbon doesn’t seem to matter, but if you feel Mother Nature might be a bourbon lover, certainly opt for the next size up.

If you choose to participate in Sapphire Creek’s burying the bourbon tradition, please let us know. You will procure the bourbon of your choice and you can bury it in Sapphire Creek’s Bourbon Garden with a special slate tag with your names and wedding date on it. You may want to ask your photographer or a friend to tag along to capture the unique moment.

Rain or shine, dig up your bourbon post-ceremony and share it with your wedding party and guests in celebration!

Bury the Bourbon

at Sapphire Creek

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First visit -- had dinner with two other couples. Venue was lovely, rustic and charming. Dinner was delicious, we sat by the window overlooking the water and fire feature. Weddings must be beautiful here.

Carol T.

We had the most wonderful time here and the food was impeccable. The staff was wonderful and went above and beyond for us. We will definitely be back and bring friends and family with us!

Sara S.

The day of our wedding was beautifully done! The entire day they checked up on us to make sure we were happy. That is exactly how you want to feel the day of your wedding! We had our dream wedding and you helped make that possible!

Aschli N.

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