The Knot Best of Weddings - 2021 PickSapphire Creek Winery & Gardens

We are proud to announce that we were voted Best Patio and Best Wedding Venue by Cleveland Magazine’s Best of the East competition! The Knot also selected us for their 2021 Best of Weddings! We are so thankful to our loyal patrons and hardworking staff.

There's so much going on at Sapphire Creek!

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Napa Valley

Wine for the Soul

Sapphire Creek wine collections are products of some of the finest vineyard sites throughout the Napa Valley. Sapphire Creek wine is custom-made by our private vintner in Napa, California. Our vintner sources the best grapes in the Napa Valley area to make our wine. Sourcing of the grapes is proprietary, but you can be assured they are grown in the prime vineyards in the Valley.

Each year, we visit our vintner to discuss the taste profiles of any new wines we would like to bottle for the upcoming year, as well as consider new vintages of our existing varietals. It is our goal to continually bottle amazing varietals and vintages. Cheers!


General Collection

    Sapphire Creek’s Sparkling Brut is a pale straw in color with sweet and delicate aromas of angel food cake. This Sparkling Brut delivers flavors of prominent green apple with a hint of citrus on the finish. Overall, this wine is bright and lively.
    This Sparkling Rose is a medium salmon in color and is slightly effervescent with a round mouth feel. This wine is lively on the pallet with beguiling notes of freshly picked strawberries with back notes of ripe cherry on the palate and finishes with mouth-watering acidity.
    Sapphire Creek’s Moscato exhibits strong hints of elderberry and ripe blueberry. It has a well-balanced acidity and delivers a pleasantly sweet taste with back notes of citrus.
    Sapphire Creek’s Pinot Grigio is pale platinum in color with hints of green apple, slate, and minerals on the nose. It has a refreshing sparkle of acidity with good structure and balance. Bright flavors of lemon, lime and pear make Sapphire Creek’s Pinot Grigio an easy drinking varietal.
    This Russian River Sauvignon Blanc has dominant tree fruit flavors such as white peach and green apple. It has a delightfully tart finish that is crisp and refreshing.
    Sapphire Creek’s Chenin Blanc is medium straw in color with a bright acidity on the nose. It is mellow on the tongue with back notes of honey dew and melon with a refreshing and round mouth feel. This Chenin Blanc is remarkably thirst quenching.
    Our Chardonnay is a lovely pale gold in color. It has a well-balanced Oak but is not an “Oaky Monster”. This Chardonnay has lush notes of toasty caramel, cream and vanilla on the note and a slight buttery feel.
  • ROSE
    Exhibiting a pale salmon in color, Sapphire Creek’s Rose has sweet aromas of freshly picked strawberries and brioche. It is slightly sweet and smooth on the palate. It has a perfectly balanced sweetness and acidity with prominent notes of strawberry.
    Pale ruby in color this Pinot Noir is fruit forward on the nose with hints of fresh blackberry. On the palate, prominent notes of cherry develop finishing with slight smokiness and a subtle hint of brown sugar.
    Medium purple in color, this Napa Valley Pinot Noir has aromas of light brown sugar. This Pinot Noir has a round mouth feel with flavors of ripe plum and blueberry.
    Remarkably different from our Napa Valley Pinot Noir, this Anderson Valley Pinot Noir is medium purple in color with pleasant earthy and slightly smoky aromas. This Pinot Noir is complex and sophisticated with flavors of cranberry and ripe red fruits on the palate.
    Sapphire Creek’s Red Blend is a proprietary blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Petit Syrah grown primarily in the Paso Robles region. Our Blend is medium red in color and exudes aromas of tobacco and black pepper. On the plate, pronounced flavors of ripe plum and black cherry give is a luscious, warm structure. The addition of Merlot rounds out the tannins, making this Blend very approachable.
    Pale purple in color, this Cabernet is light-bodied with pleasant with hints of pomegranate and red currants on the nose. On the mouth, notes of cranberry with mouth-watering acidity develop. This Cabernet is light, easy and approachable.
    This modern Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is deep ruby in color with enticing aromas of brown sugar, red ripe fruit and subtle hints of tobacco and smokiness. This powerful vintage sets the stage for a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon with complex and layered notes of dark plum and ripe blackberry.

First visit -- had dinner with two other couples. Venue was lovely, rustic and charming. Dinner was delicious, we sat by the window overlooking the water and fire feature. Weddings must be beautiful here.

Carol T.

We had the most wonderful time here and the food was impeccable. The staff was wonderful and went above and beyond for us. We will definitely be back and bring friends and family with us!

Sara S.

The day of our wedding was beautifully done! The entire day they checked up on us to make sure we were happy. That is exactly how you want to feel the day of your wedding! We had our dream wedding and you helped make that possible!

Aschli N.