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What's the right temperature to serve wine?


It is a misconception that a red wine should be served at room temperature, which would put it somewhere near 70 degrees.

On the contrary, all reds benefit from being served slightly colder than room temperature–somewhere between 58 and 65 degrees, depending on the exact style and/or varietal. In general, complex, mature wines should be served on the warmer end of that spectrum (61 to 65 degrees), which allows drinker to appreciate the full potential of their bouquet. Tannic reds should also be served in the 61 to 65 degree range, since cooler temperatures tend to exaggerate their astringency. Lighter reds, especially those with decent acidity, should be served colder. 55 degrees is appropriate.


White wines should be served colder than reds but not so cold as to mute whites’ already more delicate aromatics. That means you should chill your bottle to somewhere between 45 and 55 degrees, depending on the grape and style. As a general rule, complex, medium- and full-bodied whites should be served on the warmer end of that range, while lighter whites should be served colder to maximize their refreshing qualities. Sparkling whites are served very cold to maintain their crisp carbonation. Sweet white wines are also generally best quite chilled, since warm temperatures can make them seem cloying.


Grape / Style Serving Temperature
Ice wine 43-45 F
Sauternes 43-45 F
Sparkling Wines 43-45 F
Chenin Blanc 45 F
Pinot Gris / Grigio 45 F
Rosé 45 F
Sauvignon Blanc 45 F
Riesling 50 F
Viognier 50 F
Gewürztraminer 50 F
Chardonnay 50-55 F
White Bordeaux Blends 50-55 F
Beaujolais 55 F
Gamay 55 F
Barbera 55-60 F
Cabernet Franc 55-60 F
Grenache 55-60 F
Pinot Noir 55-60 F
Port 55-60 F
Tempranillo 55-60 F
Cabernet Sauvignon 60-65 F
Merlot 60-65 F
Malbec 60-65 F
Nebbiolo 60-65 F
Red Bordeaux Blends 60-65 F
Sangiovese 60-65 F
Syrah 60-65 F
Zinfandel 60-65 F

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