Save the best for last….Not really. It was all THE BEST!

Save the best for last….Not really. It was all THE BEST!

We had a leisurely last morning walking the streets while sipping on coffee and enjoying a pain au choclat from Bouchon Bakery. Yountville is the loveliest. On one block you pass by cute, quaint homes and then the next is lined with gorgeous Inns and spas. It is as though you are walking through the pages of “The best places to visit in Napa” in a Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Cannot wait to go back!


The drive to this property felt very long, but oh so worth it! Their physical property is a very modern design and the most Sapphire Creek-like of all the spots we visited. We loved all their furnishings and thoughtful details. We were one of their first tastings since they reopened, and they made us feel so special. Everyone we met from their team was incredibly knowledgeable, hospitable, and gracious. We were courted through our experience by their brand manager, Alyssia Walden. Her presence was calming and kind, and you could see the passion pouring from her soul as she spoke about the story of how this winery came to be.

Founded in 2006 by Paul and Betty Woolls, Progeny Winery presents a love story of lives and vines rooting together. A shared passion for fine wine, cuisine and the magical Napa Valley Mount Veeder area bound Paul and Betty together in marriage and winemaking. Their 32-acre Woolls Ranch Vineyard surrounding the Progeny winery includes several Bordeaux and Rhone varieties.

Each year, Progeny releases four limited-production wines: Trinity Blanc, Trinity Rouge, Mt. Veeder Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and their flagship bottling, Special Selection Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. The winemaking philosophy at Progeny focuses on extended barrel and bottle aging, resulting in wines of power, balance and elegance with an exotic bouquet and a lingering finish.

Progeny is a love story of commitment, loyalty, deep rootedness in the land, our relationships, and our hope for the future. These beliefs inform each visit to Progeny Winery.
(Home|Progeny, 2020)

The Tasting:

Once again, we were given an experience like no other. A 4-course lunch pairing fit for royalty on their modern scaped patio with a stunning backdrop view. Each wine course was thoughtfully presented by Alyssa and then the food was served and presented by their talented Winery Estate Chef, John Gerber.

2014 Trinity Blanc
king prawn with heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, avocado Mousse and Labneh sorbet
2015 Trinity Rouge
cedar planked wiled king salmon with purple sweet potatoes, fennel and charred cherries
2015 Mr. Veeder Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
grilled wagyu short ribs with summer pole beans and chanterelles
2014 Mt. Veeder Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
La Tur& Gruyere 1655

An absolutely exquisite pairing that was crowned by a wonderful introduction and conversation with Progeny winery owner, Paul Wools. This was the most extraordinary way to end our incredible visit to the Napa Valley.

The Silver Lining

Had it not been for the pandemic, I am unsure we would have had the experiences we did. Not to say that everyone would not have been as gracious, hospitable, or that the food and wine would not have tasted as amazing. We had one-on-one attention and felt a sense of gratitude everywhere we went…it was special and I think visiting Napa during these unprecedented times allowed us an experience that we may not have had otherwise.

Leaving here fueled our fire giving us a fresh perspective, a renewed sense of who we want to be, and how we want to be perceived. The Napa Valley is our lifeblood, and we embody all that comes from this majestic region. As we continue to grow, we will continue to visit these special people and places to be reminded of our roots, to be inspired, and continue to bring The Napa Valley experience to you.